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Conditions for the international carriage of goods by road


The full English translation of CMR is Convention on the Contract for the International Carriage of Goods by Road. The CMR is widely used for road freight for traffic within Europe.

Most countries within Europe have accepted the CMR Convention which regulates the responsibilities and potential liabilities of the carrier when engaged in international transport for hire and reward.

Although not a signatory, Ireland has acceded to the CMR Convention, which is incorporated into Irish law by the International Carriage of Goods by Road Act 1990. Traffic between Ireland and the UK, however, has not been included, although hauliers can agree to incorporate the CMR terms voluntarily into their conditions of carriage. Many hauliers rely on IRHA (Irish Road Hauliers Association) terms for this traffic. The main difference revolves around the limits of the carriers liability for loss or damage to goods.

The signatories are: (a) all members of the EU with the exception of Ireland; (b) Bulgaria; (c) the CIS; (d) Czech Republic; (e) Gibraltar; (f) Hungary; (g) Norway; (h) Poland; (i) Romania; (j) Slovakia; (k) Switzerland.

In most cases, the carrier completes the CMR note, but most of the information relates to the consignor, so there is a good case to be made for the consignor to fill out the CMR. The consignor is responsible for the accuracy of the CMR. Upon unloading of the goods, the consignee is asked to sign the CMR. There is room on the CMR for the consignor or consignee to add any information which might assist the haulier.

Under the CMR convention, the carrier is responsible for loss and damage from taking over the goods until their delivery. Hauliers will frequently assure their customers that all goods are carried under CMR conditions which apply automatically to every contract for the international carriage of goods.

The convention is equally valid when the vehicle is on:(a) a Ro-Ro ferry;(b) carried by rail;(c) carried on inland waterway.

Even when a haulier is not aware that the goods are being moved as part of an international journey, the CMR conditions apply.

The limitation of liability of the carrier under CMR conditions is 8.33 Special Drawing Rights (SDR) per kilo. The conversion rate for SDR changes daily and is set by the IMF.

Cover under CMR liability does not guarantee swift settlement of any claim;

CMR liability is not in any way linked with the financial standing of the carrier.

Convention on the Contract for the International Carriage of Goods by Road.pdf

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